Data OUT/side®

In order to offer exceptional service to agencies, MMAP creates its own unique database of OOH opportunities. Data OUT/side® is constantly updated and maintained by our star database manager Primrose Gumbi.

This database contains useful information about the myriad OOH solutions available throughout South Africa.

It not only lists sites with appropriately tagged information such as owner, location and cost, it also geographically maps each site’s location.

Geographical information can be cross-tabulated against many specific criteria. For example, if the brand advertised needs to be in a location near a shopping centre, Data OUT/side® can pinpoint all available OOH sites. For real-world visual representation, pictures of available sites are included in our database.

To ensure optimal visualisation of the information from Data OUT/side®, the MMAP AUTOpower® tool creates designed PowerPoint slides in seconds.