2016 – Chinese New Year of the Monkey: The status of events will be changing very quickly”

And how true has that been. I have been in this industry for 14 years and in my opinion, the year was a very “turbulent” one for the OOH sector.

A trending change has been the fact that advertising campaign durations are far shorter than they were in the well loved past. We have found that most OOH campaign bookings are for anything from a 1 month booking to an “ever grateful for”, 6 month booking, and that is pushing it! Gone are the days where some clients booked 5 year campaigns!

A constant challenge for us is the flighting of sites. There are limited reputable flighting companies in outer regions and other provinces and we are finding that both timeous and quality flighting is hard to come by these days.

Even through the turbulent times, there has been great successes with new OOH media owners popping up all the time. In fact never a dull moment when this is concerned. Great to see young, innovative and enthusiastic entrepreneurs so passionate about the OOH space.

I have truly enjoyed the fact that many clients are running audits on their campaigns. This shows their commitment to the medium and it is wonderful for the industry to know that these audits are available to our clients.

Plans for 2017 – Kyk Noord en “Gaan” Voort!

Stay focused, passionate, service orientated, honest and keep abreast of the ever-changing industry would be my suggestion to anyone!