MMAP Says! OOH Helps to bring back lost lovers … and other things too!

We’ve all seen these devices, plastered onto railings, light-poles, distribution boards, walls and directional signage all around Joburg.

So MMAP recently decided to check why this type of sticker bomb/guerilla type advertising is so popular with alternative ‘healers’.

The best way to do this was to call the number and ask a few questions, after a few attempts we managed to get the gentleman on the phone, he would not give his name and after a few minutes of convincing him that we are not police nor were we city officials he reluctantly agreed to answer a few questions.

Lets call him *John for the purpose of this article.

MMAP: Why do you use stickers to advertise your services and why so many?

*John: Because any business must advertise!

MMAP: Fair enough. Why don’t you advertise in the classifieds section of newspapers?

*John: Sometimes I do, but the stickers help get me a lot of customers?

MMAP: So the stickers get you a lot of people calling [leads]?

*John: Yes.

MMAP: Interesting.

MMAP: How do you decide where to put them?

*John: I put them where there can be a lot of traffic and people!

MMAP: Standard industry practice I guess. But you know it is illegal to do this, to put so many of these stickers on municipal property.

*John: No it’s not illegal, I am doing nothing illegal here.


MMAP: But when do you do it – don’t the police stop you?

*John: My guys put the stickers on in the morning early, sometimes the police can be a problem but you can just pay them to leave it.

MMAP: Of course you can.

MMAP: Ok, thanks for your time *John, just one last question; you believe that the stickers outside are a very good form of advertising for you?

*John: Yes, it’s the best one.

Well there you have it folks, not only does OOH work hard as a ‘seller’ it has the power to save relationships!