MMAP says! Wall murals are great, but require additional planning time.

After MMAP’s most recent facilitation of a wall mural campaign we decided to trouble shoot some of the areas that media planners should consider when deploying a wall mural for a campaign.


It is generally advisable that planning starts one month ahead of the scheduled campaign ‘go-live’ provided the below points have been considered exhaustively.

Various permissions

Depending on where the selected site is, permission can be required from any of the following parties:

  • Metro Police
  • Roads Agencies
  • The landlord
  • The media site owner and or the advertising rights holder

These permissions can range from a simple ‘authorization’ right through to city-level permission, which can be costly and is generally issued for a specific time frame.

In some instances safe working practices are central to the conditions of working on the site so make sure your flighters, painters and artists have the required documentation (safety files) and understand the protocols around the ‘Occupational Health and Safety Act’ of South Africa

Managing costs

Budgeting for these types of jobs can often be underestimated and the following scenarios should be considered:

  • Does the site require a ‘white-out’ or base coat preparation?
  • What permissions from the city are required, for how long and what is the fee per day from the city to work on the site?
  • Does your client want added value? If not, the post-campaign ‘white-out’ is generally for the clients account

MMAP recommends that agencies use one artist to do all aspects of painting, artwork application and obtaining the necessary paper work. There are some very good applicators out there who turnkey these projects all the time.

Understanding the risks

Depending on where the selected site is, it can often be a case of the site being highly accessible to graffiti artists who feel compelled to contribute to the wall mural and this can have not only implications for the brand, but for the media agency ongoing vandalism can become costly to rectify depending on how long the campaign is.