SA Home Loans billboardBy Michele Munro

There is a lot to be said about longevity. MMAP has been working with Initiative Media Durban on the SA Home Loans business for about eight years now and have learnt a lot from this positive relationship.

Non-negotiable for any long-lasting relationship are values such as respect, honesty and integrity. But it is also important to really understand what is key to the client and deliver on these requirements. In this instance a sense of urgency and attention to detail are truly important.

“It helps that we understand each other. Over the years we’ve become much like a family. What makes this relationship work is that we both benefit from it and at MMAP we strive to deliver on our four values of commitment, support, reliability and transparency,” says Michele Munro of MMAP.

Initiative Media Durban support the MMAP offering and trust their judgment about the best site proposals for SA Home Loans. They can make decisions quickly when it is required, have a thorough understanding of their client’s requirements and are always respectful of what MMAP brings to the relationship.

Transparency is critical at MMAP as they don’t sign contracts with media owners on behalf of the media agency. Any contract is undertaken directly between Initiative Media Durban on behalf of their client SA Home Loans and the respective media owners. This ensures that all rates are transparent and there is no mark-up on sites by MMAP. There is simply no better way to clearly demonstrate deep trust in a relationship than through true transparency. This is always the modus operandi at MMAP.

Besides our rules of engagement that make the relationship work, there is another reason why this association is such a success. We go out of our way to ensure the sites sold to Initiative Media Durban for SA Home Loans are always of

A-Grade quality sites, with excellent run ups are part of the mix however a fantastic site is only half of the story though. It needs excellent break-through creative that is refreshed every three to six months to keep it current and interesting. The SA Home Loans creative campaign is engaging and always stands out. It’s classic Out of Home, executed brilliantly, resulting in unforgettable brand awareness with definite call to action.

Initiative Media Durban maintains excellent Out of Home media reach with comprehensive national coverage at any given time. This is achieved by securing approximately 15 to 20 active boards at any time, primarily utilizing major arterials, highways and high traffic spots
for the campaign.

As media professionals, we need to remember that in this business, sites get sold all the time and sometimes a particular billboard site recommended may fall away. Remaining flexible in situations like this is and being open to look at alternative sites, without any issues, helps us consistently deliver the very best Out of Home solutions forInitiative Media Durban to propose to SA Home Loans.

This article first appeared at WONSA