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As an Out of Home (OOH) sales company, MMAP is a one-stop shop that sells “inventory” on behalf of a wide range of media owners. At MMAP, you are much more than just a number. We deliver OOH media solutions through our values of  commitment, support, reliability and transparency.

  • Committed: We are committed to finding the right opportunities for media agencies and their clients
  • Supportive: Our integrated outdoor solutions service package makes life easier for media planners and buyers
  • Reliable: Our turnaround time is incredibly quick due to the automation of Data OUT/side® our comprehensive database of up to 120 media owners and our integrated outdoor solutions service package aimed at making life easier for you, when you are planning and buying OOH as part of your media mix.
  • Transparent: All rates are transparent as contracts are drawn up between the media agency and the media owner

You can count on us to be at your service, cutting the stress OOH!

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